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Consulting Services

EDCA offers consulting services to assist industry participant decision making in respect of short and long-term electricity issues, capital investment or energy procurement decisions. Services are grouped in four broad categories that consist of;

Generation Economic Development

EDCA adheres to a rigorous approach with respect to generation feasibility and economic modeling work used by many clients considering generation development, value optimization, acquisition or divestiture.

EDCA incorporates Monte-Carlo analysis with respect to quantifying volume, price and other key risk components related particularly to asset valuation, energy production and risk/hedging analysis.

Generation Hourly Production Simulations and Dispatch Analysis

  • Prepare internally consistent energy and ancillary price forecasts
  • Determine energy production for fuel cost and revenue estimates

Preliminary Cost Verification and Detailed Economic Analysis

  • Economic Modeling (IRR and cashflow) to support project decisions
  • Competitive project comparisons and key market risk analysis

Asset Value and Risk Analysis

  • Evaluate asset market value utilizing Monte Carlo risk analysis regarding key input assumptions

Vendor Term Sheet & Contract Negotiation

  • Act as a liaison between clients and potential project developers
  • Play critical role in defining all contractual elements involved with EPC, operations & off-take agreements
  • Aid in the early drafting of project contracts and negotiating position