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Consulting Services

EDCA offers consulting services to assist industry participant decision making in respect of short and long-term electricity issues, capital investment or energy procurement decisions. Services are grouped in four broad categories that consist of;

Energy Pricing

EDCA has designed, developed and continually updates and maintains a suite of proprietary computer models that are used to produce both short and long-term hourly electricity forecasts, typically from 1 to 25-years.

The models are used by in Alberta to analyze electric energy supply, demand and price from the bottom up. EDCA has been the premier supplier of independent pool price and delivered price forecasts in Alberta since the start of the electricity industry re-structuring in 1996.

Market Studies & Analysis

  • Economic and market analysis with respect to electric energy issues on an ad-hoc basis
  • Annual Study – a review of Alberta electric industry fundamentals (supply, demand and price)

Forecast Services

  • Quarterly Forecast Update – a review of long term Alberta wholesale electricity energy supply, demand and market prices
  • Electricity SMP Predictions (ESP) - a weekly forecast of wholesale electricity prices for the balance of current year and next year


  • Alberta Electricity Update (AEU) – a monthly review of Alberta market fundamentals and regulatory proceedings
  • Alberta kWh News – a weekly summary of Alberta electricity demand and pool price

Market Data and Information

  • Alberta Annual Electricity Statistics – a review of Alberta’s electricity demand, generation energy supply, availability, wholesale pricing and retail market segmentation
  • Adhoc Electricity Market Statistics
  • Alberta Wind Report – a monthly review of Alberta’s installed wind capacities operational data and financial statistics and analysis