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Subscription Products

EDCA regularly issues several reports and newsletters that are provided on a multi-client subscription basis. These Subscription Products are issued either annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly depending on the periodic nature of the content.

You can also subscribe to the Quarterly Forecast Update by fax or email via our paper application forms (Click to download PDF): EDCA Quarterly Forecast Update Order Form (2023)

  • Product Category:Forecast Services
  • Issuance Period:Quarterly
  • Subscription Includes:4 Issues (per year)
  • Product Delivery: Digital Download
  • 1-Issue Purchase Options:
    Q1-2023 Issue $3,000.00
    Q2-2021 Issue $2,250.00
    Q1-2021 Issue $2,250.00
    Q4-2020 Issue $3,000.00
    Q3-2020 Issue $3,000.00
    Q2-2020 Issue $3,000.00
    Q1-2020 Issue $3,000.00
    Q1-2019 Issue $3,000.00
    More Issues
  • Yearly Subscription Options:
    2023* Subscription $6,445.00
    (Q1-2023 to Q4-2023)
    2024 Subscription $6,640.00
    (Q1-2024 to Q4-2024)
    2025 Subscription $6,840.00
    (Q1-2025 to Q4-2025)
  • Purchase Document

*Purchase price represents the 1-time purchase price. GST is applicable to all prices. Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

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Quarterly Forecast Update

Product Description

The Quarterly Forecast Updates are the benchmark price analysis used to assess long?term investment decisions in the Alberta Electricity Market. Forecasts are created by industry experts that have been providing this analysis in the Alberta market for over 20 years.

The Quarterly Forecast Updates include:

  • A discussion of key macroeconomic factors that affect the Alberta economy
  • A long-term review and assessment of electricity market fundamentals relating to electric energy and ancillary service supply, demand and price
  • A complete overview and probability assessment with respect to all proposed generating plant additions and retirements
  • An assessment of key market and regulatory issues that may impact market fundamentals
  • A detailed discussion of forecast results and key price sensitivities
  • Key input and output data tables
  • Full color report issued in electronic format

Who could benefit from the Quarterly Forecast Updates?

  • Generation Developers / Owners or Project Proponents
  • Retailers or Large Industrial Loads
  • Wholesale Marketers
  • Importers / Exporters
  • Power Pool Participants
  • Anyone with a long-term vested interest in the Alberta electric industry

Value to the Client:

  • Forecasts are generated by a team of professionals dedicated to regularly analyzing electricity fundamentals
  • Qualitative and quantitative results are derived from using state-of-the-art forecasting tools and methodologies that have been tested by the industry
  • All forecasts are generated stochastically at the hourly level and provide a probability distribution through multiple seed forecasts
  • Be assured that proper due diligence has been performed, while results are independent and unbiased
  • Custom electricity price forecasts can be generated based on client-based and project specific assumptions – these projects are priced separately

Subscription terms:

The Quarterly Forecast Updates

  • 4 consecutive Quarterly Forecast Updates issued on or about the 15th of February, May, August & November
  • One-year subscription (4 Quarters)
  • One off issues also available

Note: Report and data files are delivered electronically in PDF and Excel file formats