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Consulting Services

EDCA offers consulting services to assist industry participant decision making in respect of short and long-term electricity issues, capital investment or energy procurement decisions. Services are grouped in four broad categories that consist of;

  • Product Category:Forecast Services
  • Issuance Period:Weekly
  • Subscription Includes:50 Issues (per year)
  • Product Delivery: Digital Download
  • Yearly Subscription Options:
    2020* Subscription $11,845.00
    2021 Subscription $12,200.00
    2022 Subscription $12,565.00
  • Purchase Document

*Purchase price represents the 1-time purchase price. GST is applicable to all prices. Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Electricity SMP Predictions (ESP)

Product Description

Let "ESP" guide your electric energy decisions using proven and accepted analytical methodology and procedures.

The Electricity SMP Predictions include:

  • Two-page short-term summary report of the detailed hourly forecast (balance of current year plus 1 year)
  • Electronic data files that include all hourly data
  • Forecast hourly Alberta pool prices derived from a dispatch of all generation unit capacity to meet hourly demand
  • Stochastic price distributions are generated from natural gas price volatility and generation outages through multiple simulations
  • Easy to read graphical representation of electricity pricing information
  • Maintenance schedule for Alberta generation units
  • Monthly Alberta Natural Gas (AECO-C) pricing, monthly peak demand and energy forecast assumptions

Who could benefit from ESP?

  • Generators / Retailers
  • Ancillary Service Providers
  • Price Sensitive Industrial & Commercial Load Customers
  • Marketers / Importers
  • Power Pool Participants
  • Risk Managers or Production Schedulers

Value to the Client:

  • Most economic way to stay on top of the week by week movements in short-term hourly wholesale electricity prices
  • Provides forward hourly price information to assist in your energy procurement or production planning decisions or budget and risk management activities
  • Up-to-date electric price forecasts based on current market supply and demand fundamentals and natural gas price to spot market risk or opportunities

Subscription terms:

Electricity SMP Prediction (ESP)

  • Issued every Monday (except on statutory holidays)
  • 52 consecutive issues (1 year contract)
  • 26 consecutive issues (6 month contract)
  • Single issues available

Note: Report and data file are delivered electronically