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Consulting Services

EDCA offers consulting services to assist industry participant decision making in respect of short and long-term electricity issues, capital investment or energy procurement decisions. Services are grouped in four broad categories that consist of;

  • Product Category:Subscription Bundle
  • Issuance Period:Yearly
  • Product Delivery: Digital Download
  • 2019 Subscription* ($22,090.00)
    Include 2020 Subscription ($22,755.00)
    Include 2021 Subscription ($23,440.00)
  • Purchase Bundle

*Purchase price represents the 1-time purchase price. GST is applicable to all prices. Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Platinum Subscription Bundle

The Platinum Subscription Bundle Includes the following Products:

  • Alberta Electrical Energy Industry Statistics(A $515.00 value)
  • Alberta kWh News(A $525.00 value)
  • Alberta Wind Report(A $825.00 value)
  • Alberta Electricity Update (AEU)(A $2,600.00 value)
  • Alberta Annual Electric Industry Study(A $5,750.00 value)
  • Quarterly Forecast Update(A $5,900.00 value)
  • Electricity SMP Predictions (ESP)(A $11,500.00 value)

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