EDCA Alberta Offset Supply/Demand Evolution Multi-Client Study

The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government has jurisdiction over the cost of carbon, which solidly places Alberta on a path to a $170/t carbon tax come 2030.

This will radically alter the supply/demand balance of renewable project offsets as major industries re-assess environmental compliance obligations by undertaking internal abatement activities versus offset purchases.

EDCA’s Alberta Offset Supply/Demand Evolution Multi-Client Study will explore how the supply/demand balance is expected to evolve across these changes, ultimately providing guidance to developers as to the value of their offsets across Alberta’s major industries and how to competitively position the sale of their offsets to remain attractive.  Or, from the perspective of major industry, how to re-align expectations for the value assigned to offsets when purchasing them.

Our traditional early bird discounting will be available for those who pre-order in April.  Analysis will begin in May, with an expected August/September release, making it the perfect back to school gift!

Please contact Alex Markowski for more details

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