Bald Butte Painting by Stephanie Hoogveld

EDCA has worked for Greengate Power from their inception over 10 years ago.  From a small startup company back then, they have grown through the years building renewable energy projects with the achievement of having built the largest wind farm in Canada right here in Alberta.  They are now attempting to build the largest solar project in Canada, also right here in Alberta, and with our analytical and commercial consulting services and support, I have no doubt they will once again be successful.   But that is not the story!  As good corporate citizens, Greengate and its founding brothers – Dan and Jordan Balaban, sponsored and co-hosted this year’s 69th annual B’Nai Brith Dinner, which honored Mr. Brad Wall, Former Premier of Saskatchewan as the key note in an interview and conversation with Deborah Yedlin – Chancellor, University of Calgary.   They asked if we would support their cause and attend?  So of course, I said yes.

The dinner was held on Thursday, February 27th 2020 at the Beth Tzedec Synagogue, in support of Project CYPRESS benefiting the RCMP National Remembrance Fund & Heritage Centre.  And with all such dinner events, in addition to great food and conversation, the evening included both a silent and live auction to raise funds for the cause.  Of interest in the live auction was a canvas painting of the Bald Butte landscape, located in the Cypress Hills that essentially borders Alberta and Saskatchewan just east of Medicine Hat, that was being painted in real-time by Stephanie Hoogveld – an inspiring young Canadian artist.   I spent some time in the Cypress Hills as a youth going to high school in Medicine Hat, so of course I started the bidding.  Little did I know, Mr. Wall – our evenings special guest was also bidding from behind me.  However, my goal was to support our client and the B’Nai Brith Dinner cause – so I bid higher – until finally the painting was won!  Mr. Wall immediately came up and congratulated me on the purchase, and pointed out that his son, Colter Wall a young Canadian singer – and very good I might add, had recorded a song about the Bald Butte under the same name, himself having ties to the area.  I was actually excited to be talking with Mr. Wall knowing of his political career and successes in Saskatchewan’s prosperity.   He is a fiercely proud Canadian and Saskatchewanite (if that’s the right word?) which became very apparent through his comments that night. 

So as the night came to a close and I made arrangements for the payment and receipt of the painting when it was complete, I thought to myself… what does one do at a charitable event, but be charitable.   I subsequently made arrangements to have the painting, once completed, sent to Mr. Wall for his personal enjoyment, given his family ties to the area, and to say thank you to him for his tireless political work – even still – to help make Canada a better place for everyone.   I hope that he and his family find great enjoyment in the painting for many years to come.  EDCA will get to enjoy a copied print of the same piece of art that we will display in the office.

So to end the story, this little gesture of good will has only been made possible by the tireless work of all of you here at EDC Associates Ltd. doing our small part in the Alberta electric industry.   So thank you all for what you do.