2020 Electricity Demand Destruction Update

2020 AIL Electricity Demand Destruction

As EDCA has reported earlier, 2020 AIL electricity demand destruction is now trending around 720 MW YoY 2019 not including any growth that might have occurred otherwise. As the chart illustrates the volatility in the level is currently about +/- 200 MW. This is the direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic induced business closures and the near 1 million bbl/d of crude oil production now shut-in.

2020 AIL Electricity Demand Destruction

2020 AIES & BTF Electricity Demand Destruction Update

As EDCA has reported earlier, the bulk of the electricity demand reduction is from grid served energy, as AIES domestic demand is down roughly 420 MW, while energy served with behind-the-fence generation is now down around 300 MW. The BTF load that has dissipated is largely related to insitu bitumen production shut ins at northern SAGD operations. This has also affected some on-site co-generation surplus capacity that is sent to the grid, which is now only down around 200 MW, as Suncor’s McKay River cogen has returned to service.

2020 Commercial & Residential Electricity Demand Destruction Update

ENMAX Electricity Consumption update represents a proxy for the Alberta commercial & residential demand. As of June 4th, 2020, there has been an improvement from recent data where Enmax load destruction is currently only down by about 82 MW YoY 2019. However, the 7 day average demand destruction is 111 MW, 21 MW higher than the 90 MW from the previous week – although this is likely attributed to warmer weather in 2019 at this time of the year.

Enmax Energy Consumption 2020
2020 Commercial & Residential Electricity Demand Destruction Update